tiny melon friend's big melon adventure

tiny melon friend's big melon adventure

Skills Practiced: C#, Art, Design
Tools Used: Otter2D Framework, Aseprite
Project Duration: 2019-Present

This is my long-running backburner project that I work on in my spare time; it’s a 2D platformer with light puzzles, combat, and narrative, and it’s my playground for new ideas and features my markov-chain twitter bot, “tiny melon friend” as the main protagonist.
I’ve been working on it on-and-off for at least the last two years, and it uses a very heavily modified version of the Otter2D framework (at the time of writing). I’ve written about this game before in abstract, but it’s never been featured on my projects page until now.
exploring portals

I recently brought in @leafcodes to help me build it, as my ambitions for the game far outweighed my ability to go it alone, and it’s been wonderful sharing my silly little world with someone else - and having a talented musician on board never hurts a project! Together, we built a playable alpha demo of the game, and we’ve been enjoying the feedback and statistics coming from that ever since.
punching rocks

The game has collectibles, secrets, dialogue screens and lua-script driven cutscenes… it’s a lot of stuff that I’ve accrued over the years. I do one day plan to release a full version of the game, hoping for at least the same kind of length and narrative punch as indie classics like Cave Story. More immediate plans for the game include a new backend framework to assist with crossplatform builds (and possible console support), tooling to help build some of the content (e.g, parallax background elements, particle systems, dialogue trees), combat and control changes based on our demo feedback, and other bits and pieces that will accelerate the process of building out the rest of the game.

Additional Credits:
leafcodes - For everything. 💜

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