colour half-frames and camping

colour half-frames and camping

a splash of colour and a long hike out

The thing about 35mm film is that you can get all kinds of interesting colour stock these days. For example, my Lomourette camera came with a roll of LomoChrome ‘92, an interesting C41 stock that provides punchy contrast with slightly washed out colours, giving everything a grungy look. On the other hand, there’s stuff like Kodak Gold Ultra, which has incredibly rich colour reproduction with lovely saturated reds and greens. Why have I singled out these two stocks? Well, naturally, it’s because I’ve shot some cool photos on them. Here’s some nice photos from the last couple of months:

world pinhole photography day 2024

world pinhole photography day 2024

attending a workshop by Kit Martin at the DCA

Today, on World Pinhole Photography Day, I attended a pinhole photography workshop at DCA here in Dundee, run by Kit Martin! It was awesome; I learned how to make my own pinhole camera, about how pinhole photography itself and how it works, learned how to develop images in a darkroom, and then took a whole ton of photos with all kinds of fun pinhole cameras (including the one I made)! It was so much fun and I had an absolute blast working with and learning from Kit. It was inspirational to hear from someone who knew so much about the art of alternative photography and could share so much incredible knowledge in just one day. So, here’s my first picture:

35mm half-frame photos

35mm half-frame photos

the beginnings of a new adventure

I recently got hold of a Lomography Lomourette in the Picnic Edition colourway. It’s a twist on their existing Diana Mini camera. It’s my first 35mm film camera, and it suits me just fine as a beginner! It has a fixed aperture size (f/8), fixed automatic shutter speed (1/60), a manual shutter speed mode, and four focus zones ranging from 0.6m to 4-∞. It shoots half-frames, so in sacrificing a bit of image-to-grain ratio I get double the amount of photos per roll. And talking of which, my first roll came back from the Gulabi photo lab in Glasgow recently. Here’s a few of my favourites!

polaroids 3

black and white makes everything moody

A couple of quick shots today, looking at these old lampposts I found. Shooting on black and white SX-70 makes these look real ghostly and spooky - even though it was a lovely day outside!

polaroids 2 - interregnum

springtime snaps and a life update

Spring has sprung again..! Or rather, is currently springing. As it was a sunny day today, I went up Dundee Law and took some Polaroid photos! These didn’t come out great, but I still had a lot of fun taking them. I’m still shooting SX-70 on the 1000, but I might modify it to shoot 600 when I’m all out of SX-70.


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