snolf tournament edition

snolf tournament edition

Skills Practiced: Assembly
Tools Used: s1disasm
Project Duration: 3 Weeks

Surprising almost nobody, I went ahead and built a version of the first SNOLF entry using what I learned from the other versions - and added a multitude of improved features, such as hotseat multiplayer and custom scoring screens.

the multiplayer menu

The minute-to-minute gameplay is much and such the same, with the exception that players can also pick the type of shot they want to make before beginning the shot.

Putter. This shot type can’t shoot you very far, but you’ll have minimal bouncing. Great for tricky shots.
Regular. Your standard 9-Iron shot. You’ll bounce off of walls in this mode, but still have soft landings.
Driver. Shoot for the stars! This shot type has a fast meter, but will allow you to bounce along the ground. Go the distance!

some multiplayer gameplay

With the overall level of polish much higher, and the featureset thus expanded, it finally felt good enough to submit it to the Sonic Hacking Competition 2021. At the time of writing, the scores had not yet been awarded for the competition. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t frustrate anyone too badly 😅.

Additional Credits:
The Sonic Romhacking Community - For All Their Hard Work

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