pinball brain

another year, another loop around the table!

It’s the 4th of November, again - which means, it’s my birthday! I’m 31 this year. You can read what I thought of entering my thirties from last year’s entry - this post isn’t about that. It’s about what’s been goin’ on, what’s next for me, and how I’ve come to love the fact that my brain is basically a pinball machine. More on that later!


actually, don’t shake it, dingus

I recently bought a Polaroid camera.
my polaroid land camera 1000

tapes 2

magnetic storage still kicks ass

Following hot on the heels of my previous post about cassette tapes, I’ve been working hard on producing more music with them.


magnetic storage kicks ass

I recently bought myself an old audio cassette player; a PYE D6600 35P Automatic Data Recorder. This model is from the early 1980s (1981 to be precise I think) and it was intended for use with home computers and for recording spoken words. The model was produced by Phillips and Magnavox too, and is pretty much identical across all three manufacturers as a kind of attempt at standardisation. Phillips’ incarnations of the MSX home computer standard were often built in a way that made it easy to connect.

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