Skills Practiced: Rust, ECS
Tools Used: Rust, bracket-lib/RLTK
Project Duration: ~3 Months, Ongoing
Project Focus: Fun, Learning Rust
This game is a traditional-style roguelike, set in a sprawling office-complex-like dimension where Desk Jockeys and Fax Machines attack, and your only means of defense are some Nasty Memos and Spicy Snacks. I began this project by following a Roguelike in Rust Tutorial by Herbert “thebracket” Wolverson.
It was probably my first major-sized project in Rust, and as I followed the tutorial I began making more and more adjustments until the project spun off into its own thing. The game was also built with modding in mind; item and monster definitions exist as .json files, and can be added to and overridden to create new creatures and items. The game is architected around an ECS model, so all entities are just collections of components, which makes this kind of modding trivial. It also makes it easy to serialize the game state, so loading and saving are a breeze.

Additional Credits:
Herbert “thebracket” Wolverson - RLTK/Tutorial/bracket-lib

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